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The Next Big Thing Interview & Hand Off!


Last week I was honored to be tagged by the legendary John Skipp as one of his 5 writers in this meme. This week it's my turn to pass along my interview and, my honor to name my 5 writer friends as The Next Big Thing!

1. What is the title of your book?




2. Where did the idea come from for the book?


The core of the story -the setting, main characters and general plot line-was something I had been kicking around for years. When agent/editor/writer/publisher extraordinaire Lori Perkins told me she was looking for a revenge story with a female protagonist for John Skipp’s new Ravenous Shadows imprint, it all kind of fell into place.


3. What genre does your book fall under?


I’ve been calling it Extreme Horror, John Skipp called it a Crime novel and others have called it Noir. I’m happy with any of those labels.


4. What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?


I’ve always thought it would make a great movie, but I honestly have never given much thought to casting it.


5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?


Claire Valentin, a heroic paramedic and survivor of childhood abuse, reluctantly returns home only to find herself dragged back into a brutal nightmare of sexual depravity and deepest betrayal.


6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?


BASTARD was published in February 2012 by John Skipp’s Ravenous Shadows imprint, a division of Ravenous Romance.


7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?


BASTARD was conceived at NECON 2011, which was held the third weekend in July, Skipp accepted the final draft on January 3, 2012 so the whole novel took about 5 months from conception to completion. I seem to remember the first draft being due in October, but honestly, those months are pretty much a blur.


8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?


SUFFER THE FLESH by Monica O’Rourke is the first book that comes to my mind. For others, I defer to friend, fellow horror writer & omnivorous reader Bracken MacLeod, who suggests Jack Ketchum's RIGHT TO LIFE or WEED SPECIES, Elizabeth Scott's LIVING DEAD GIRL and Virginie Despentes’ BAISE MOI.


9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?


Honestly, the opportunity to work with John Skipp is what drove me to write BASTARD and, even though it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, working with Skipp was worth every second of it. He is a phenomenal writer, editor and human being and I hope we get to work together again one day.


10. What else about the book might pique the reader's interest?

 Again, I’m going to defer to what others have said about DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! Here are few quotes from some of my favorite reviews:


FEARNET-Blu Gilliand 


 "Die, You Bastard! Die! is an uncompromising down-and-dirty revenge tales that would be right at home as part of a double bill in a 1970's-era grind house theater."



 "Thought-provoking, gut-wrenching, action-packed and just plain, darn good. Die, You Bastard! Die! should be on every horror reader's TBR list." 

DreadCentral-Masked Slasher


"Die, You Bastard! Die! is like a perfectly executed revenge/thriller and fans of 70's style exploitation will eat this up. Those looking for a well told story of vengeance will also find a lot to like about this one. Totally recommended."

 Dreadful Tales-Colum McKnight


"Every once in a while a book comes along that totally side swipes you. A piece of fiction in this genre almost always allows you to experience some sort of emotional peak, but it's rare that one lulls you into a sense of security, only to flip around and turn someone you've become accustomed to, or even begun to find yourself attracted to, into a goddam human pincushion. And yeah, I'm looking right in the direction of Jan Kozlowski at the moment."

Horror Talk-Gabino Iglesias 


 "Try to imagine an author that brings together the pull-no-punches prose of Edward Lee, Richard Laymon or Jack Ketchum with whatever an M. Night Shyamalan movie would be like if his plethora of twists were incredibly good. If you were able to conjure something like that, rejoice: that author is here and her name is Jan Kozlowski."

And now the hand off to five of my favorite writers, Tracy L. Carbone, Dana Fredsti, Morven Westfield, Paul D. Brazill and Mercedes M. Yardley!


Tracy L. Carbone is a Massachusetts native living with her daughter and a house full of pets. She works full time for a bank and does most of her writing on the train or late at night. Her horror and literary short stories have appeared in several anthologies and magazines in the U.S. and Canada. Many of her stories are now also available on Kindle. She is Co-chair of the New England Horror Writers and edited their Bram Stoker Award nominated anthology, EPITAPHS, a creepy collection of horror stories and poems by the group's authors.
 RESTITUTION, a novel of suspense, is Tracy's newest novel. Her blog address is http://www.tracylcarbone.com/


Dana Fredsti is ex B-movie actress with a background in theatrical sword-fighting. Through her volunteer work at the Exotic Feline Breeding Facility/Feline Conservation Center, Dana's had a full-grown leopard sit on her feet, kissed by tigers and licked by jaguars. She's written numerous published articles, essays, short stories, screenplays, and two non-fiction books with Cynthia Gentry. PLAGUE TOWN, the first in a three book zombie/paranormal romance series with Titan Books, was released April 2012, with its sequel due out in April 2013, and she has a sequel in the works to her mystery, MURDER FOR HIRE: THE PERUVIAN PIGEON (Rock Publishing, 2007). She writes erotica under the nom de plume Inara LaVey, she has five stories and three novels published by Ravenous Romance. Her blog address is http://www.danafredsti.com/blog


Morven Westfield is a fiction writer, technical writer, and occasional podcaster who fuses her love of computing, vampire mythology, and modern witchcraft in a series set in the suburbs west of Boston. She has also contributed non-fiction articles on supernatural lore to The Witches’ Almanac yearly since 2006. Her podcast "VAMPIRES, WITCHES, AND GEEKS" returned from hiatus recently with a set of interviews with writers who attended Necon 2012. Morven served as a member of the Motherboard of Broad Universe for two terms and is a member of New England Horror Writers. Her blog address is morvenwestfield.blogspot.com


Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill has had bits and bobs of short fiction published in various magazines and anthologies, including THE MAMMOTH BOOKS OF BEST BRITISH CRIME 8 and 10, and he has edited the anthologies TRUE BRIT GRIT & OFF THE RECORD 2– with Luca Veste - and DRUNK ON THE MOON. His short ebook collections 13 SHOTS OF NOIR and SNAPSHOTS are out now, and his novellas THE GUMSHOE and GUNS OF BRIXTON will be out pretty soon. His blog address is : http://pauldbrazill.wordpress.com/


Mercedes M. Yardley wears poisonous flowers in her hair and writes whimsical horror. She has been published in several diverse magazines and anthologies, and works for Shock Totem magazine. Mercedes' first collection of short stories, titled BEAUTIFUL SORROWS, was just released in October. Her blog address is http://mercedesyardley.com/





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